Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kandanghi sarees and Kottan basketry of Chettinad from MRM Cultural Foundation, Chennai

dāram presents Kottan basketry and a range of Kandanghi sarees in cotton and silk from Chettinad.
The exhibition is on at dāram from 10th September to 16th September.

The Kandanghi Sari

The Kandanghi saris are the Chettinad answer to the wastelands; the brilliant colours are the perfect foil against the monochrome landscape. The traditional colours of bright yellows, oranges, red and a minimal black are used in a pattern of stripes or checks with broad borders. Woven in coarse cotton or silk, the saris throw out the vividness of the colour.

The Kottan

The traditional Palmyra basketry of Chettinad, Kottans were once woven by the Chettinad womenfolk and was their hobby craft. Kottans found a place in every Chettinad activity, from ritual and ceremony to daily use. These baskets are gaining great popularity both as packaging for gifts as well as in a range of contemporary home accessories and even palm leaf jewellery. Experimentation in using natural dye has resulted in a whole new range of subtle earthy shades that are as exquisite as they are eco-friendly.

The M.Rm.Rm Cultural Foundation supports research and documentation of languishing crafts, textiles and architecture. The Foundation works towards empowering women through training in regional crafts.


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