Thursday, September 17, 2009

Launching Lilaras at dāram

Lilaras is silver jewellery that is light-hearted, yet beautiful. It is playful and intense all at once. It is for that woman who is alive, beautiful and unique. Each piece is truly ethnic. Each piece has been specially handcrafted for today’s Indian woman. Lilaras seeks to keep the artisan and his art alive by keeping handcrafting alive. Drawing inspiration from nature, it tries to capture the unpretentious glory of nature in a work of art.

Ahalya, the designer, insists that jewellery should have style, substance, and soul; if it is to communicate and be relevant to the user’s life. All her jewellery is proudly hand-made by master craftsmen; so every piece she designs is authentic and precious, individual and unique. She uses her extensive knowledge of Indian jewellery as the starting point for her work, which is startlingly original and entirely attuned to evolving global aesthetics. And that is entirely in keeping with the artistic traditions of India.

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