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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Organic food workshop

Jonna(Jowar) rawa upma
Korra lemon rice
Ragi roti
Peanut brinjal
Korra payasum
All organic ingredients also available

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organic Khadi at dāram

This Gandhi Jayanti dāram launches Kala Cotton Khadi collection for women and men. Kala (pronounced kah-lah) cotton is old-world cotton of the type G.Herbaceum that is endemic to the district of Kachchh in Gujarat. Its main features are short to medium staple length and closed to semi opened boll type, which is picked along with its calyx. Kala Cotton is genetically very pure. In current conventional agriculture, majority of the cotton grown in India is Bt Cotton, which is a genetically modified hybrid. Kala Cotton is among the most water efficient cottons in the world. It grows easily in rainfed conditions— even in areas with less than 40cm rainfall which are considered drought prone. Its drought tolerance (i.e. moisture stress level) is so amazing that it does not require additional watering (i.e. irrigation) to complete its life cycle. Studies show that approx 1400 liters of irrigated ground water is needed to cultivate 1 kg of cotton as against Kala Cotton which is completely rain-fed. For the most part, Kala Cotton is grown in Kachchh without use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide. Thus, the ecological footprint of Kala Cotton is very low as compared to other cottons and it is among the most energy efficient and carbon neutral in the world.

KHAMIR’s organic cotton initiative reintroduces a holistic approach to cotton textile production in harmony with the ecology of Kachchh, by facilitating the linkages of  a sustainable local production chain—thus providing income for small and marginal farmers, spinners, ginners and weavers.

Also available at dāram is a range in Khadi from Sandur, Bellary district of Karnataka and Khadi fabrics, sarees, dupattas from Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association (DAMA)

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dāram turns five!

dāram, Hyderabad’s Exclusive Cotton Handloom Garment Store completes its fifth year and we invite you to join us in a day long celebration that will have a little bit for everyone.

Date:   Sunday, July 10, 2012
Venue:            dāram,
1-10-3/1, Boorugu Vihar,
Lane next to Andhra Bank,
Near Prakash Nagar, Begumpet,
Time: 11 am – 8.00 pm

The Events
A)     Buy your own fabric - Introducing yardages in varied colours and textures from DAMA

dāram customers who have loved our fabrics for the past 5 years can now buy them in yardages! Pure handloom cottons has been the cornerstone for dāram products and Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association has been a major source of these. DAMA is renowned for its range of high quality and environment friendly fabrics in myriad colours, plains, stripes, checks, textures and prints. dāram customers will now walk in to a wider selection and the option of buying fabrics as well as readymades under one roof.

B)     Get a 5% discount on handlooms – Fifth anniversary celebrations for daram customers

Join the celebrations at dāram and get a discount of 5% on readymade garments for kids, women and men and also on handloom yardage from DAMA. This day long offer, on
10th June 2012, will be a pure joy for handloom enthusiasts.

C)     Know your handlooms better – Display of yarn, fabric and garmentsalong with interaction on handloom process

The highlight of the day will be to understand the nuances of handloom as a product and the role it plays in village economies. Handloom is rarely credited for the fine balance it is struggling to maintain between generating income for the weaver and mitigating migration from rural to urban spaces. The aesthetics of handloom products also tends to over shadow the environmental harmony it perpetuates. dāram aims at spreading awareness of these factors which enhance the appeal and beauty of handlooms.

It is our belief that handloom offers a hope to our villages, if it can be established as a viable livelihood for the next generation.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Talk on Hand Weaving at dāram

Over the last decade, Dastkar Andhra has engaged with handloom industry in order to lobby for the sector and intervene in the value chain for understanding issues and growth for the industry. Dastkar Andhra has carried out a successful design and marketing programme for a decade now and we would like to take this opportunity to understand issues in identity for the producer who is engaged in the practice and also issues of technology and product when the consumers are changing at a rapid pace.

In the changing environment where the end product from the loom is very difficult for the weaver to comprehend, what is the relationship between yarn count, construction and technique of weaving? How do any designer and weaver achieve the desirable texture, which will enhance the final product in terms of drape and feel? How does one understand the role of pre-loom and loom technology, skill of the weaver and available knowledge among the community to achieve the appropriate texture? The draping style of sari becoming same across the country and salwar kurta set being the new product, how will different weaving techniques and structures lend themselves to the above products? Jagada Rajappa will elaborate on these points and share her understanding from her vast experience of working with different handloom weaving techniques across the country.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dastkar Andhra Sankranthi Mela at dāram

This January Dastkar Andhra welcomes spring with cotton handlooms, bead jewellery, handmade leather footwear, hand painted Kalamkari and traditional kites at Dastkar Andhra Sankranthi Mela. Dastkar Andhra brings select artisans and their craft together to introduce them to Hyderabad at dāram from 10th-14th January 2012. Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association will showcase its wide range of Andhra Cotton Handloom Sarees, yardages and dupattas. Complementing the handlooms will be bright colourful beads & thread jewellery and footwear from Rajasthan. Accompanying these will be artisans from Kalahasti with their collection of hand painted Kalamkari paintings and beautiful kites to offer colorful oblations from kite makers of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Asian Heritage Foundation will offer a range of traditional pickles from Guntur district to complete the Mela. Host of offerings for Sankranthi to bring in the new and to have a happy, colourful outing with family and friends.