Sunday, March 17, 2013

Natural holi colours in store

This Holi dāram once again presents genuinely natural colours from Ecoexist, Pune.
Holi, a festival celebrating spring and the colours that come with it, is a time of merriment. Celebrating this very spirit and core of Holi dāram has been for the past 5 years offering natural holi colours in its tradition of celebrating festivals wisely and safely. Our customers completely endorse these initiatives and we are only glad to see the awareness spreading not only within the dāram circle but Hyderabad as a whole.
The entire range of Rang Dulaar, genuinely natural colours that care, are made using the safest natural ingredients. Yellow comes from turmeric & potato, pink gulaal from rose, beetroot  & arrowroot, green from turmeric  and indigo, red and orange from turmeric, kumkum and potato. Further, these colours provide livelihoods to women farmers under Vanastree, Karnataka and are packed by women prisoners and underprivileged women. An environment and socially sensitive product Rang Dulaar colours are available in a box of 250gms containing 50gms packets of 5 colours. Individual packets of the new, beautiful pink gulaal are also available in 50gms pack. These colours can be used both as dry powders and can be dissolved in water too.
dāram endeavours to encourage the return of natural colours to celebrate the colours of nature during  Holi.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cotton Handloom SALE!

FLAT 50% off on yardage, dupattas and sarees
Upto 50% off on ready made garments
Kidswear at Rs.100/-
Offer on select merchandise only.