Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home linen from Rehwa

Sept. 24 - 29

REHWA HOME LINEN, a range of woven, printed and embroidered Maheshwaris

With an aim to bring forth the variety in weaves and to highlight the endless possibilities of the Maheshwari handlooms, Rehwa expanded itself into home linen, creating more possibilities for weavers in Maheshwar and Chanderi .

The collection has a unique variety of sheer drapes, cushion covers, bed linen and table linen in subtle shades of white, gold and silver to vibrant reds, greens and blues, exquisitely handworked by Ashraya Niketan, Bangalore.


REHWA Society is the spearhead of progress for the handloom weavers of Maheshwar, a historic weaving centre in Central India. Founded in 1978, REHWA Society brings design and marketing skills to Maheshwari handloom weavers. Maheshwari saris were famous throughout Western India due to the patronage of the Royal House of Holkar. REHWA works towards the upliftment of its in-house weavers and the weavers of Maheshwar.