Friday, January 13, 2012

Talk on Hand Weaving at dāram

Over the last decade, Dastkar Andhra has engaged with handloom industry in order to lobby for the sector and intervene in the value chain for understanding issues and growth for the industry. Dastkar Andhra has carried out a successful design and marketing programme for a decade now and we would like to take this opportunity to understand issues in identity for the producer who is engaged in the practice and also issues of technology and product when the consumers are changing at a rapid pace.

In the changing environment where the end product from the loom is very difficult for the weaver to comprehend, what is the relationship between yarn count, construction and technique of weaving? How do any designer and weaver achieve the desirable texture, which will enhance the final product in terms of drape and feel? How does one understand the role of pre-loom and loom technology, skill of the weaver and available knowledge among the community to achieve the appropriate texture? The draping style of sari becoming same across the country and salwar kurta set being the new product, how will different weaving techniques and structures lend themselves to the above products? Jagada Rajappa will elaborate on these points and share her understanding from her vast experience of working with different handloom weaving techniques across the country.

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