Thursday, March 19, 2009

Traditional handicrafts from Kachchh

For the 1st time in Hyderabad…

dāram presents KHAMIR and their exciting range of handicrafts from the rich traditions of Kachchh

• Traditional silver jewellery
Mashru cushions
Bandini stolls
• Leather products
• Lac turned wood
• Metal bells
• Terracotta kitchenware
Ajrakh block printed ties for men
• Traditional embroidered bags and cushions from Qasab

Silver jewellery


Lac turned wood


KHAMIR stands for Kachchh Heritage, Arts and Craft, Music and Integrated Resources and also means ‘intrinsic pride’ in Kachchhi, the region’s dialect.
The genesis of KHAMIR lies in the efforts to rebuild Kachchh in the aftermath of 2001 earthquake. KHAMIR was initiated in partnership by the Kachchh Nav Nirman Abhiyan (KNNA) and the Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD) to support local livelihoods. In 2003, KHAMIR began working to sustain local livelihoods and empower the creative industries in Kachchh and it was registered as an organization in June 2005.
KHAMIR works to reposition craft and folk music in Kachchh and to revitalize Kachchh’s creative industries


Ajrakh print


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