Thursday, March 12, 2009

New in dāram in March and April

Coming to dāram in March and April

I) A new range of Uppada and Jamdani sarees for Ugadi

Dates: March 12 to April 1, 2009

II) Non textile products from Khamir, Bhuj
Traditional silver jewellery from Kachchh, Mashru cushions, leather products (chappals, belts, bags, and purses), lac turned wood, metal bells and terracotta kitchenware
Also embroidered bags from Qasab, Kachchh

Khamir works to reposition craft and folk music in Kachchh and to revitalize Kachchh’s creative industries.

Dates: March 20 onwards

III) Bengal Cotton sarees from Weaver’s Studio, Kolkata

Dates: April 9 to 21, 2009

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