Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chaubundi, Tussar Silk Sarees from Rajasthan

dāram introduces Hyderabad to Chaubundi Sarees, a range of tussar silk sarees in the dabu (resist technique) block printing tradition of Rajasthan. Chaubundi was a traditional motif for ghagras in Rajasthan. As sarees replaced ghagras, Raghunath Nama, the co-founder of Chaubundi, aptly adapted them to sarees. Coming from the age old block printing Chippa community of Rajasthan his family practiced the art of dabu printing for generations.

"Dabu" is a mud resist process of printing. It uses a mix of clay, chuna, wheat chaff and gum to make a sticky paste that is block printed on the fabric to avoid dye penetration while dyeing the fabric so that the motifs are lighter than the background. This gives the sarees a very earthy feel and sophisticated look. Available in a range of muted hues of green, blues, browns, yellows and purples.