Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Winter introductions at dāram

dāram brings to Hyderabad a special range of Woolens and BodyCare products from the Himalayas this winter.

1) Pure wool handwoven shawls and stoles from ‘KUMAON GRAMEEN UDYOG’ from Uttarakhand

The products have been woven in a small weaving centre at village Buribana near Mukteshwar as part of KGU’s income generation programme.

2) Pure wool, hand knitted sweaters, mufflers and caps from ‘KULLU KARISHMA’, Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Karishma has worked over a decade to revive and revitalize spinning, knitting and weaving with local angora wool and develop livelihoods in the process.

3) Natural soaps, face wash and scrubs from ‘SUNDARAM’, Uttarakhand

Sundaram products are made from a range of natural products like rhododendron flowers, honey, goats milk, almonds, etc.

dāram, Hyderabad’s exclusive cotton handloom garment store works towards strengthening traditional weavers and small farmers.
In continuation of this effort, the store has, in collaboration with traditional craftspeople and groups from different parts of the Himalayas, brought to Hyderabad a limited, but select range of products for winter. Produced with natural materials and by using minimal energy, the products contribute to local livelihoods with minimal impact on the environment.

Dhebariya shepherds with their flock of sheep, Kutch, Gujarat

Spinning wool into yarn, Kullu Karishma, Himachal

On the loom...

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